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With over 20 years of experience in representing villas, visiting vacation homes and writing reviews about get away renting of Barbados Villa Rentals, I will share some insight on the items you should be requesting when you learn to search for your perfect trip platform in Tuscany.

Using an adage – the only real bad question is the one that gone unasked – I have compiled a list of things you need to be clear on whenever choosing your home abroad.

Know your vocabulary

To be clear, homeowners do not attempt to “trick” their friends. Most of them they want their guests to be happy. Happy guests write happy reviews! However, sometimes they do not always offer enough information on the webpage about their accommodations or things get lost in translation and then there are those who apply a little bit of a poetic license.

Normally, the word villa evokes a stately manor or a renowned antique building. However, the term getaway villa or Barbados Villa Rentals can refer to any framework (new or old) that is the3rd party of another connecting composition.

Villa or Apartments

Once you have established if it is a villa on the outside, you need to inquire about how exactly it is planned internally. Could it be one villa or a villa divided up and composed of connecting apartments?

I suggest that there is no good or more severe answer here. In fact, combined apartments provide extra personal privacy for large groups traveling together.  This option is particularly nice when you are families with small children, or the friends are not extremely acquainted with everyone else.


There is no way around it; photos can be deceiving. If the personal privacy is important then avoid being reluctant to ask how close your nearest neighborhood friends are for you. I have seen enough villas to know that you can lease an “independent Barbados Villa Rentals” but still have neighbors right across from your entryway.

Your “go-to” Person

In most cases, you will not ever need to make contact for a crisis throughout your stay, but in the outside chance that the electricity is out, the hot water disappears, or the refrigerator ceases working, then you are going to want help… and quickly.

  • Know before going when there is a caretaker on-site and, if not, just how far away are they from the property?
  • The bigger Barbados Villa Rentals typically have a caretaker on-site available 24/7 for your assistance.
  • Not merely can this person take care of emergencies but a good caretaker will know about local restaurants, retailers, and markets plus they can help you with questions about planning your itineraries.
  1. Extra Services

Extra services are nearly always paid separately rather than included in the rental price. However they could be the tipping point when selecting one villa over another.

A number of the extras that can make a difference: Will there be a chef readily available? Bikes? A spa area with hot tub and sauna? Advice about arranging seat tickets to museums, taxis, and tours?

Especially helpful is showing up to your villa rental and knowing it is already fully stocked with food, or do they give a welcome basket?

Are you ready to begin looking for your villa? Start your search on Barbados Villa Rentals which offers reviews of top villas and supplies you with immediate to the villa’s formal website.

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