A Million and One Chance to Be a Winner

Summer is waning, but it isn’t over.  There’s still time to kick-start your metabolism and get your workout routine back on track.   If you were to take a survey of your satisfaction with yourself, where would you rate your overall happiness?  Would you be more likely to say you were very satisfied (  ) Somewhat satisfied  (  ) or not at all satisfied (  ) with the weight loss goals you achieved this summer?  If you’ve rented a luxury villa for a Labor Day getaway and dread the poolside parties because your stubborn muffin top doesn’t respond to the work you’ve put in, relax.  There’s more to worry about in life than that.  Enjoy the poolside parties and all the holiday fun and festivities.  When you get home, start making changes one at a time.  But this time, start with a Bowflex home gym system.  Their new Hybrid Velocity Training equipment would be a smart choice because it is designed to deliver cardio and strength training together so you get results faster than ever before.

Combining your purchase with a Groupon is as smart as combining the cardio and strength of the Hybrid Velocity; they’re both good on their own, but much better together.  You get the best results from using a money saving Groupon that can save $150 off a Max Trainer M5 which is on sale in honor of Labor Day.  And there are other codes and special deals you can unlock from your smartphone while you lounge away in luxury.  if you’ve been eying the popular Treadclimber TC100, you can save $250 off the list price, and it will ship free.  There are many other deals on the Groupon site that you should consider for the upcoming months.  Spoiler alert: Turkey Day is three months away.  But a great deal for free shipping on a X2SE Home Gym system is available right now.

In fact, you have more than 100 options to choose from and even more ways to challenge yourself to get to the results you want.  If a million people have already succeeded by using Bowflex, there’s room for a million and one. So as you pack away the tankini’s and Martini’s and settle in to fall, be prepared to win the weight loss game.  And check off the maximum happiness box from now on.

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